Trialling Information

Greyhound Trials are conducted by the Horsham Greyhound Club twice per week.

After the race meeting and Saturday mornings.
Trials are run over all 3 distances, 410m, 480m and 570m.

We conduct 2 types of trials:
Pen – A ‘Pen’ trial is where the trial is run into the Catching Pen.

Arm – An ‘Arm’ trial is where the trial is run onto the lure (Only available Saturday trials).


At the moment Saturday Trials begin at 8.00am (tickets on sale from 7.30am), but if you’re traveling give us a call and we can book you in for a time later in the session saving the need to be here by 7.30am.


Order of Trials

Race Night
Trials will begin at the 570m, then the 480m and finally 410m.  Probably 95% of race night trials are at the 410m so it doesn’t take long to get to them.  If a satisfactory trial is required it will be run first at the desired distance and all other trials will revert to the order above.


Saturday Trials
Pen trials first 570m/480m/410m/Hand Slips
Arm trials (Follow Pen Trials) 570m/480m/410m/Hand Slips



To book for a Saturday trial, tickets are sold on the day during the allotted times (to the left hand side of the page) except if you’re traveling a long distance and you can call and we’ll try to accommodate your needs.

Please note: Horsham are NOT currently taking club trial bookings online.  Please contact the Club on (03) 5382 4329 to book a trial.


Race Day Trials

Trials are also offered on race day after the race meeting.
Trials must be booked and paid for prior to the running of the second last race for the night.

All trials will be into the catching Pen (No arm trials).  Handslips available in back straight only.
Telephone bookings will be available on race day only from 8.00am on (03) 5382 4329.


Cost – Race Day

Public Field Trial (Max 4dogs)    $6.00 per dog.  Fields Filled in Sequential Order Only

Boxes (Between 1 to 8 dogs)    $10.00 per trial

Solo (Max 2 dogs)  $8.00

Handslips from old 336m start only (Max 2 dogs) $8.00 per trial


Cost Saturday

Field $6.00 per dog

Boxes (3-8) $10.00

Solo & Handslips (max 2) $8.00