About Us

The Horsham Greyhound Racing Club offers a formal dining area, large undercover Grandstand, a quality race surface and long straights.

In 2007, major projects were undertaken by both Greyhound Racing Victoria and the Horsham Greyhound Racing Club.

The renovation work to the “Judge’s Tower” is now complete.  Whilst it has taken quite some time for job to be completed, the facilities for the Broadcaster, Judge, Lure Driver and Photo finish Operator is greatly improved, with two levels being refurbished with carpet and a fresh coat of paint. This has also included a soundproof room for the Race Broadcaster and an upgrade of the stairs at the back of the Tower.


The Committee of the Horsham Greyhound Racing Club consists of;

President:  Jenni Coustley

Senior Vice President:

Junior Vice President: David Smith

Committee members:
Norm Smith
Joe McIntyre
Ken Farr
Evelyn Cornell
Bill Hartigan
Michael Carter
Sylvia Penny
Jamie Parfett

Club Manager:  Justin Brilliant

Track Managers:
Jeff Mulhallen
Steve Arnold